Teen Wolf Season 5 Madness or Madmess?

Let me tell you, this show will be the reason I will end up in an Eichen house for sure (wait, will this bump up my chances in meeting the hot cast? let’s get crazy!).

Fistly, I lost and gained new favourite characters.

Derek (no words just tears)

Isaac (*sniff*)

and where is Peter?

+ Parrish (aka Deputy Handsome Booty)

+ Theo (I know he is going to be the new Joffrey but I love Cody, he was hot on PLL and even hotter here)

Yep, no Liam because he fell in a hole.

Secondly, trust me, I don’t hate past/present mix but somehow I really don’t like Lydia’s point of view and it pisses me off, unfortunately for me, this will continue till season 6.

Thirdly, Stiles + Lydia < Stiles + Malia < Malia + Theo, just saying. Still wouldn’t miss a chance if they wanted someone new for them, I volunteer! My acting skills are on point now, made my mum think my leg is in pain and she made me a tea.

Kira finally made a move. I thought she will be this ‘just jumping and waving with her katana’ girl forever. Seriously, when she cut the tail of the kanima, my hands started applause cause I thought she will be beaten.

Am I the only one who would bet their life that Stiles would vomit? You know, blood everywhere, ew.

Mr. Stilinski and Mrs. Marin aaaaa, I know, I am a bigger fan of Stilinski and McCall BUT you could literally smell love in the air (they are married in real life).

Last but not least: The pack (mainly Scott) has to believe Stiles more, like now. Or they will end up dead.

Since tomorrow is Monday aka the Day I will try and make reviews for every single episode since 5×04, wish me luck in keeping up (oh damn that rhymes).

Do you have any ideas what will happen/what do you want to happen? Hit me up in the comment section!

PS: Parrish has to be Human Torch.

And don’t forget: You are original, stay original!


Claire xx

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