Welcoming myself

Beep, Beep, Boop.

I need to get used to this. Buzzzzz, one big fly is flying around my head and keeps annoying me.

Anyway, hello! How is everyone? It’s summer for the north part of Earth. I hope you are doing well and resting your brain (if you are still stu’dying’) like me, for others, just enjoy the sun till it’s still up and shinning (even sometimes too much, few weeks ago it was too hot in Europe).

Because I will start my college after this summer 2015, I needed new notebook (well, I needed it for a longer time but who cares right, who cares about me being stressed cause my old pc kept crashing, freezing and making my high school projects undone or even lost forever: Goodbye my self written speeches) and I got one! So after a few days with this lovely Apple I realised, I should be productive in something new/old. I had many blogs in my past (some are still running on Tumblr) but I wanted to move into something bigger? I guess and maybe help people in some way.

First of all, I am a music junkie, I have a very weird style (like in everything) so you may find my playlist crazy and maybe you won’t even like them so that’s why this blog won’t be only about music. I will also try to show you my wardrobe, my opinions, experience(s), sometimes even beauty (not a beauty guru tbh) and my deep feelings.

I hope you will find this blog helpful and entertaining at some point and maybe you will share something with me too?

PS: I am not a native English speaker so please accept my apology for any mistakes that had been made, nobody is perfect (and I am nobody hahaha).

PPS: The fly is still here.

PPPS: I might delete this post cause I will find it embarrassing.

See you soon,

and don’t forget: You are original, stay original!


Claire xx


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