Excitement Overload

SDCC 2015 was a feast for comic lovers as every year but this year it got me very excited too. Hold on, what I am talking about, I am always enthusiastic about this party. Even though all the sneak peaks/clips/previews, whatever you want to call them, are in a really bad quality, you can still enjoy and draw the energy from it (except The Maze Runner, it’s nowhere to be found, damn it). It hit me really hard.

I am not going to lie, the most expected clip for me was Deadpool’s. I love this antihero, I love the humor, I love the costume and after seeing the preview I bet my life it will be very, very salty R. And awesome of course, Ryan Reynolds was born to play Deadpool like Robert Downey Jr. to play Iron Man, boom I said it.

Fuck cancer.

Boom I said that too.

Second teaser I saw was the Suicide Squad one. I am bigger fan of Marvel than DC and let me tell you, I wouldn’t watch it if everyone didn’t spam me with it over any social media. Anyway, I kind of enjoyed it I guess? Because it’s still my favorite genre so why the hell not and Jared Leto will smash it (maybe not as much as Reynolds Deadpool). I noticed people complain about comparisons between Leto and Ledger, aw my soft spot. I won’t do it, I promise. Heath was awesome but it doesn’t mean Jared won’t be so give that dude a chance, okay?

Still annoyed about The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials, I want to see the flash lights game man! If you are like me, I highly recommend watching Nerd HQ panel with the cast at least, it will give you some satisfaction.

Talking about Nerd HQ, I would sell my soul to go there once in my life mainly cause of the lovely, cute, ‘kleenex’ booster Zachary Levi and if he could bring a velociraptor aka Mr. Hiddleston with him again, like in 2013 (damn it’s two years since that? omg time flies), I wouldn’t be mad, I would jump to Pluto, try me. It has to be an awesome experience. You have fun and you help people, what else can you wish for? Another disadvantage of living in Europe and being poor student, check.

Here is a place to admit my jealousy to you lucky bastards (no offense, maybe) who had a chance to visit Comic Con 2015 and see some of these events.

I am just a big jelly, I still love you because you are original, stay original (and next time bring me with you!).


Claire xx


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