Late Night Talk with The One and Only

Wondering about life is on my daily menu. I think about who I am, who I was and who I should be. Nobody is perfect, that’s for sure, however, the world sees it differently.

For example: Open your browser, check you favourite site and look at new articles. What will pop up?
Picture of a hot lady/man? Picture of someone else’s really expensive house? Picture of JB’s butt? Video of latest abuse by police in the USA? Video of a volcano eruption in Mexico? Report from China about moving nearly 1 000 000 people from their homes because of a typhoon? Story by a homeless wo(man)? Slaughter of animals anywhere in the world? Discrimination of female/male human beings? Letting overweight women model for giant brands and by it support obesity?

The media try to seduce you, force you to think that you are not just imperfect, you have enormous flaws which you should ‘repair’ by money or surgery or protest or support or any other action. It’s easy to show you one side of the story and mostly people believe and what is worse, support it. Who cares about the right side of the story anyway, right? The manipulation is powerful as the main player and we, people, who are just chess pieces on the board, we can be more powerful than the player, we just need to realise. Unfortunately, we are too busy staying alive, living our life than making the move.

There are always two sides of a story, none of them has to be a right one or a bad one. They can be even both.
Do not trust media on 100%.
Do not support something which can cause even bigger problem than it actually is.
Believe in yourself. Your mind, your common sense. Be you because you are original, stay original.

PS: Yes, I am way too serious before I go to bed but I post it the next day anyway, nobody got time for that!

Stay safe,
Claire xx


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