Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 4 Review

As I said before, I will try my best to express my feelings while watching Teen Wolf’s episode 4 from season 5. Let’s do this!

Previously on Teen Wolf… just because I don’t remember my last meal doesn’t mean I don’t remember last episode.

I bet all my money on Parrish being Human Torch, for real!

The opening scene should change, please.

“The rules have changed.” Fine, not scary at all, not creepy at all.

Theo is hot and bad, I have a sweet spot(s) for bad guys, damn. He just set that boy, sorry wendigo, on Stiles, the rivalty is real.

Sinema? Really? I am out of thoughts to be honest.

Sleeping Stiles is the cutest Stiles and he looks like me, aw.

And it’s official, Liam is me at parties.

RUN! What’s that guys name again? Oh god too many boys, too many hot boys.

Shouldn’t Scott be little bit more powerful? Like c’mon, he seems to be so weak and he’s true alpha!

Kira being badass? YES.

Parrish is doing free cremation? This business is hella expensive, you would earn more than 40,000 dollars per year.

Duck tape is Stiles’ new best friend! Who is Stiles’ best friend? Duck tape and Jeep aka Juck tape!

Omg baby Stiles did he just ate your shoulder? With that ew hand?

That’s the end? What? Nice job MTV, really, leaving Stiles with that creature.

What we learned?

Parrish has a new job, he founded new Beacon Hills crematory. Also will teach Lydia (who almost bleeded to death) how to fight like Black Widow.

Scott is still vulnerable, Kira is changing into badass kitsune who doesn’t like werewolves.

Liam is strong and still awkward. Theo is bad and still hot, plus he has a deal with Dread Doctors (I would read that book tbh) and makes creepy mixed creatures (or just mixes, you know, Dre Doctors haha, get it? okay maybe not it’s fine) and he should probably join Parrish with his dead bodies fetish.

Sinema looks like an expensive club which I can’t afford.

Doctor (our doctor, Deaton) is leaving for a few days, as always!

Stiles snores like a baby and it’s cute and in the end he will be hurt by a weird hand mouth full of teeth, ew.

Stiles’ Jeep will die soon.

So that’s it guys, my first review, I hope you enjoyed and if you have any theories/opinions share them with me because I like to read! Don’t forget you are original, stay original.


Claire xx


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