You can follow yourself? Oh my

I am new to WordPress and all its functions but what is really funny and it made my day is that you can follow yourself.

And I did it.

Because no one else does, so someone has to do it.

And now I am just laughing at myself because I can see my own nickname under my followers. That’s crazy.

On the other hand, how was your day guys? Anything new in your little life? Have you seen the new shot of our Moon? It’s not black and white like we remember from ages ago. It’s actually beautiful, you can see some blue shades, hint of green, just a nice friend flying around our Earth. We can also check new shots of the little guy, Pluto, not as blurry as before, not dark at all. Surprisingly, it’s a pink shade planet!

Is there anyone who is excited about Captain America: The Civil War like me?

If you are going to see or saw the new movie about some little insect, Ant-Man, you should wait till the end. One completely random guy from the Marvel universe will pop out and beg for help, hopefully, Steve will help him, he should, he is his best friend/enemy (hint, hint).

Still haven’t received a call from my future to be or not to be part time job and I am really bored person right now. I need to do something and if that involves gaining money it’s a true yes from me so please call me back as soon as possible thank you. Yes, I know they don’t read my blog don’t worry but you never know what can happen so be prepared for the impossible.

Finally managed to choose the right direction for my future studies. Tomorrow (aka today) I will go and pay all the fees they want (shouldn’t be state college free? especially for poor people?) and then finally rest cause I still have on my mind that I am accepted but not confirmed, which is stressful for me.

Guys, you have your own troubles. I wish you good luck in going through them and if you share some with me, you know how I feel. You are original, stay original.


Claire xx


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