Who Are You

A question I can never answer in a personal way, only in a science one: I am a human being. Nothing less, nothing more.

Very simple question which makes my brain explode. My emotions start burning in my body, they want to crawl out and express something and I don’t know if I want to laugh/cry/fight/run/disappear from this world.

To find who you are, you just have to live and wait till it comes. Of course you can experiment and went crazy but it won’t help you until (I believe) your body and soul are ready.

That is my problem dear friends, I don’t know who I am.

When somebody asks me who I really am I can’t answer. But I try to find myself. If we have to classify human beings and their personality traits at some point, let’s use this division by C. G. Jung: an introvert (shy, reserved person who lives in its own world), an extrovert (open minded person who is not afraid being around people). None can be a pure introvert/extrovert but most of the time people have more of one of these traits in them. I know who I am not: an extrovert, an introvert.

I also realized that through this year my anxiety (if it is an anxiety?) started to develop. That could be the main cause why I can’t find myself.

Few weeks ago I saw a really nice post on Tumblr about being both, it’s called an ambivert. It’s a person who can socialize easily but needs its time alone. It suits me, however, I am still not sure if thats me. I will never stop trying to find my nature. Trust me, it’s hard and it kills me and it’s difficult to put into words. I want, I need to know who I am. So should you.

Who are you?

You are original, stay original.


Claire xx


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