My Golden Fish

I love animals.

I love my animals.

Sometimes you have to let them go but whenever it’s a bird or a dog it still hurts. After 3 years my golden fish with her white chinese carp friend plus two catfish (really weird name in English for this fish, just saying) died. They were all big and beautiful, I guess they experienced a shock or something cause for over 3 years they were okay with the way we cleaned their aquarium and fed them. Now they are gone forever.

We bought new ones two days ago. 6 red/black fish, 4 black fish and 4 silver fish. 2 of the red/black died, one was weak and other had a shock so it makes 12 now. It breaks my heart, they are so small, so vulnerable and innocent and you can’t help them. You can’t just take them to a vet, give them a heart massage or a kiss of life. Just watch them die and then flush them ┬áinto toilet or bury them in the garden (won’t talk about other ways cause a.) not cute b.) not cute at all).

But they live their live. In a small aquarium. It’s a cage just made out of glass but that’s what they have been breeder for. Sometimes the life is short, sometimes it’s longer.

Every death hurts, animal death hurts me more than human (unless it’s someone really close to me). We all have to live with it because that’s the circle of life, that’s how it goes and one day we will go too. It sucks, we have to come through it and live until we disappear.

PS: I have ‘a zoo’ at home. Not just fish died but this was unexpected. Ouch.

You are original, stay original.


Claire xx


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