Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 5 Review

It’s the time of the week we love, wait, already? Time flies so quickly, holidays are passing like with a snap of fingers. I completely forgot there is a new episode until I went to Tumblr and almost saw spoilers, phew. Tumblr is a very dangerous place for people who can’t watch Teen Wolf on TV.

Previously on Teen Wolf, argh-woooooooooooooooooo

So we ended with a cliffhanger last time: Stiles being eaten by that ew hand (aka Donovan).

Now Stiles, RUN!

First of all, watching this while eating lunch is not a good idea. That ew thing is probably all over his body and just nope, thanks.

Second of all, Stiles killed him and he was choking his own blood. My lunch is trying to run away as Stiles did.

I am still talking about my lunch and not about the fact that Stiles killed someone, this boy who always used just a baseball bat killed someone. Okay. This changes things.

The blood/mercury mixture is disgustingly nice. Do you know what I mean?

I really wish they changed they opening scene.

Your bae is calling!

The ew hand guy is out, Kira is talking japanese in sleep, Stiles is having issues.

Seriously, Parrish, get a job at the crematory.

‘Out of ink’ hahaha, is it at my home? All the freaking time.

Really Scott? You went to Theo? Oh my. Fine? No, nothing is fine, she was on fire, fire kitsune.

Eichen House is creepy and should be closed, dot. Kira is on fire and electricity.

The Desert Wolf did it to Malia and her family and won’t stop just there, believe me.

What the hell. Confused and it was all their fault.

I guess we will have to wait till the next episode then.

What we discovered?

Nothing, basically. I found this episode irritating, it was moving around many things with no result. Worthless (if you don’t count small puzzle pieces).

Stiles is being crazy and is hurt, who knows how the injury looks. He still likes Lydia, just in a different way and also killed Donovan, who told him a story about their fathers. Stiles’ Jeep was brought to life for a second. Malia was ‘attacked’ by Theo and he kept her busy. Kira and Scott are having relationship issues, foxes just don’t play with wolves. Liam was… I guess he discovered a new hole. Parrish is applying for a cemetery job. Desert Wolf’s story is developing, same for the Dread Doctors. Eichen House should be closed forever.

Any ideas are welcomed bellow. See you till next Moonday.

You are original, stay original.


Claire xx


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