The Bubble Wrap Obsession

Does anyone have any weird obsessions?

Because I do, a lot.

Let me describe you one example of my obsession: my bubble wrap obsession. Yesterday I received my package from China (it took a long time, thank you holiday season). It was a notebook case. It came in a nice white bag which had the magic bubble wrap inside. My heart jumped a little and I automatically started playing with it and then I saw a better precious: The whole case was wrapped in a 3 meters long bubble wrap. I thought I was in heaven.

The sound is so relaxing, calming, you just shut your eyes, pop the bubbles and the great feeling of no stress and relief comes and hits you hard.

It doesn’t matter if it’s just a piece of bubble wrap or a large one, it still makes you feel happier and I love that. Goodbye anxiety and any other shizz, which makes my life even more than it actually is.

This will sound a little more childish but you can even create a skirt from the long piece or any other feature to you outfit, lol.

To sum this up, it’s and amazing thing which helps you relieve stress and have fun, so an advice for me: Order more stuff and spend money haha.

Please share with me below your weird obsession if you (and I bet you) have any, I am excited to read it, now please excuse me, going to play with my nearly used bubble wrap.

You are original, stay original.


Claire xx


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