Time Confusion

Being on holidays is messing with my schedule.

I had to send some letters to my university and when I was at the post office I had to fill papers and it asked me for a date. Firstly, I had to remember how to write again. Secondly, I started looking around, if I won’t see any calendar, nope, no calendar. So I turned my super hearing sensors (aka my ears) on and I thought maybe other people will talk about today’s date. Nope, no one did.

I was lost until I realised I have my dear phone which probably (100%) could tell me the date and it did, thank god. For a minute I literally started sweating and I didn’t know what to do, my anxiety stopped me from talking to the post stuff so I had a little struggle.

This also reminded me that I probably (97%) wrote a wrong date on a few postcards. Oops.

As I said, holidays are messing up with my schedule, what’s the date today by the way?

Anyone having similar problem as me? Or even worse one(s)?

I also forget my age very often, I still feel like 14 you know and my parents don’t even know the they year we live in. What funny/awkward family.

You are original, stay original.


Claire xx


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