Haunted House

Our house is an old one, it’s been here for over 150 years and because I am a very curious person, I had to ask our neighbor about history of our house. Let me tell you, I expected many things but definitely not this.

Unfortunately, people who lived here before us are not alive anymore and no one lives near who could remember things that happened during the First World War. Now lets move move to the 1939-1945 period aka the Second World War.

The place where I live in was a swamp long time ago and so it was very hard to build any household here. Our walls are very thick (we have problems with humidity and mold), ceiling is low so I can easily hit my head (people were smaller) and if I ever thought about jumping out of our windows I wouldn’t jump, I would just make a big step or hit myself really hard. In our house, during the Second World War, lived a couple. Next to it is a smaller house where also lived a couple and they were blood related. These two houses have one main gate out of the backyard. The families liked each other and had no problems until one of the families decided to help the Nazis. Of course the other couple started to worry and lost contact with them. The Nazis liked the family a lot because they helped them to find all the unwanted people in my hometown and its surroundings. People in this location were scared, everyone was scared but nothing major happened. The war ended and they continued to live as they lived before. But the feeling that the Nazis were walking around and in my house creeps me out.

How many people could receive death sentence from my house? I really wonder how the other family could survive here. Few decades after something started to happen in a neighbor’s house.

One woman lived there and she founded a brothel. Apparently, she was really beautiful but as the time passed, she became old as every human being and she wasn’t beautiful enough to do her job so she became crazy. She stopped taking care of herself too. She was very jealous of every nice looking woman she saw, even my mum. We all received many swear words and gossip from her. Some of us even a mess on their gardens or she just peed near their gate, yes, she peed, or showed her butt, she was a really crazy person. One day she died, her body was found half eaten by rats and only her son came here to apologize for everything she did to us.

Since that day the house is abandoned but one man owns it, he just doesn’t care about it at all so homeless people find it as a good place to stay through some time. Few weeks ago we had to call police because of them, they were drunk and made really disgusting noises.

To end this story I would like to point out that many times our lights, signal, things go wrong. We had a mini blackout on the 22nd of July, it was just for a second and it was very creepy. Sometimes when I go to sleep, I see shadows surrounding me.

What I am trying to say is: I believe that everything happens for a reason and I bet history of our and our neighbor’s house has something to do with all the weird whizz which happens to us now.

Do you have any creepy stories about your house or family?

You are original, stay original.


Claire xx


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