Some Kind Of Heaven

Some Kind Of Heaven is a single written and sang by an extraordinary band called Hurts. This synth-pop duo from the United Kingdom has some vibes which make your heart melt. Their first album Happiness was breathtaking, Exile (second album) was badass and it’s on my top 10 list for sure.

With SKOF Hurts bring new, magical, nice, different vibes. As much as I love Exile, I have to find my way to like this single. It’s not my cup of tea even when it’s sang by awesome Theo Hutchcraft.Their lyrics are always powerful, this time it’s just a Juliet’s story and it’s not interesting to me. The name Juliet is the most overrated name I even heard (sorry to every Juliet out there, it’s not your fault, it’s Shakespeare’s fans’ fault) and her story is just another bad written tragedy (too many people try to be as good as Will).

This single is a prequel for their upcoming album Surrender which is going to be released on the 9th of October this year. I am very thrilled to get my hands on this cd if it will be as good (or even better) as Exile, otherwise, it will just remain on my computer. Anyway, if they will cross my country with their tour and still play Exile, you know where I will be. Hurts were my very first band to see live and it was the best experience so far (but I haven’t got the opportunity to see Fall Out Boy, yet).

Check it’s music video here (warning: extremely weird) and let me know what do you think about this new vibe brought by Hurts.

PS: Just heard the b-side song S.O.S. Smooth classic Hurts’ ballad. Unfortunately, it’s not on the iTunes version because it was released only in Germany.

PPS: What a cover, I nailed it!

You are original, stay original.


Claire xx

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