Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 6 Review

More and more posts which I see about Teen Wolf are about how worse this season is and all I can do is to agree. Seasons 1-3 were the best and then it went down like an avalanche. Hopefully, something will evoke something new and exciting. Let’s check episode 6 called Required Reading.

Previously on Teen Wolf… aka The Book History

What the heck? An inhalator again? He doesn’t need it since he became a werewolf. Or at least he didn’t. Weird. I thought Malia is strong, not strong enough I guess. I don’t get this.

The book made them weaker?

What an advertisement on Toyota. I hate this brainwashing.

Field full of holes, watch out Liam!

Uu hot scene between Parrish/Lydia. I saw his preview and I thought: why the heck the did use this shot again, haha.

What a hot reading club, may I join and stare at you guys?

Now Theo knows they are both lying, nice, he has an advantage.

Someone likes this night club too much. Ah Liam, please don’t date this girl, date me, wait, you are too young, damn it.

Not a reading club, a sleeping club. Still want to join in to be honest. I hope Scott won’t leave the biology class, he has to be a vet.

Memories, memories everywhere.

An asthma attack? So it’s coming back.

Liam stop, she will become bad and it will be Derek/Jennifer again, stop. but the song is good, Freaks. LISTEN. You almost killed your team player mate, because of a girl. Stop it Liam till you can.

Toyota has to be one of the biggest sponsors. Another advertisement.

I should stop watching sneak peeks, again I thought Theo is at gym all the time.

I kind of get it when people have weird tastes but really an electricity cables? That’s some appetite.

I knew she’s gonna be problematic, her eyes glow like the stick. Oh Liam.

Theo The Threatener and killer. When Scott realise the truth, he won’t accept Theo to the pack.

What we realised?

Kitsune is growing in Kira, more and more. Lydia is learning how to fight and tries to find her memory as the others try too. Liam is a cutie pie, strong cutie pie. Theo is threatening everyone except Scott basically, he also killed a chimera boy. Scott’s asthma is back. Teen Wolf crew loves Toyota. The Dream Doctors finally touched the pack.

So nothing much this episode. It’s being boring.

PS: After few hours I realised, Stiles and his mother Claudia scene was tough but it still didn’t save the episode.

Did you like it? Why yes or no? Thank you for any participation in the comments bellow.

You are original, stay original.


Claire xx


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