Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 7 Review

I don’t feel good lately and I am really sorry I don’t post anything but I just can’t. Not right now. I will write about it one day, to let you know what’s happening.

However, the Moonday came through and I finally managed to sit down, bring snacks, just stare at the screen for 41 minutes and then write few words about how bad it was (I bet it will be bad, just saying).

Previously on Teen Wolf… ok

I really miss the times I really liked this show.

Okay so we have psychotic Theo, problematic Liam’s friend and badass Kira.

LIAR. Someone punch Theo already, maybe you Stiles. Theo is hot but I hate liars. Wait, except Stiles I guess.

Hayden, just nope, do not like the character. Is she even in the bathroom? A wolf? Fine, mixed with what now?

New version of quality mother/daughter time is fabulous. Need to start this in my family.

Romatic Skira flashback, next.

Two sided Theo, that’s right MTV.

I could use one acupuncture seating.

McCall and Stilinski, that’s finally something interesting. I don’t ship Lydia and Parrish so please take it off my eyes.

The camera view of the whole school was cool.

What the heck Theo did to his sister? Oh my dear god this is madness.

Imagination is powerful.

That tongue part though, that was disgusting!

Liam is lost and mama McCall got a heart attack and a bloody gift.

What we saw?

Kira is changing a lot. They are all useless. Liam is in love and Mason is trying to help (even in gay bar, sorry, all type bar).

This episode really sucked.

You are original, stay original.


Claire xx


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