The Heatwave

The main reason why I wasn’t active on this blog is the weather that hit my country lately.

The heatwave.

In the morning you could see the mercury rise in the thermometer up to 43 °C/109 °F in the shadow. I was melting, people having breathing problems, dehydration, sunburns and other very disliked things which sun and a very warm weather can cause to you.

I dont’t even want to know how many degrees you could measure on the sun but trust me, it was horrendous. We could’t sleep, because the temperature didn’t go under 28 °C and the air was as warm as in a desert or a place which has sea or ocean. We don’t have any of these, only plain ground with few lakes, trees and rivers which were completely dry and you could walk on its basin.

When my dad told me that I should go outside and get a tan I really hoped he was joking. First of all, I never get a proper tan. I can only be sunburned and then maybe it will turn into some dusty brown color, but the chances are low. Second of all, I would have to be 60/1 on a water, try to breath a lot (which you couldn’t) and don’t get a heatstroke. No thanks, some tan was definitely not worth it.

We never ever had a heatwave strong like this and the rain (wait, a few drops) afterwards was very pleasurable. We could use more sky. Now the temperature is back to about 25 °C and should fall to 21 °C.

I wish my whole summer was around 27 °C but you can’t have everything you want, right?

How is/was your summer? Did you enjoy it or are you still planning something big for the end of August?

Don’t forget:

You are original, stay original.


Claire xx


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