Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 8 Review

This show is going down like a waterfall. Or maybe not? We shall see. It’s time for me to review (finally) the eighth episode of season five of Teen Wolf. Let’s do this!

Previously on Teen Wolf

Ew. EW. Dead bloody dog?

Deaton. Finally. With a random guy, okay. Russian random guy.

Ew again. Dead fetuses, not nice. Tooth, maybe old but still better than all mine. Haha.

The Desert Wolf? Hello biatch.

Run, baby, run oh that’s Scott. Nice town view man.

Whoa Mel slapped Stilinski. No way.

Kira walking in the middle of the road, interesting. The cop was fake from the very beginning, poor Kira?

I was like: Since when does Theo have a beard? Hahahahaha.

Right in the face, ouchie Liam.

I can recognize that body on miles, hello Deputy Handsome Booty aka Parrish.

This love story ew. End it.

He knows, he knows very well.

I don’t mind needles but this is making me to swallow hard or vomit after.

Bending or breaking? Okay, let me check that.

#TapThatNeck lol. Tapping it hard.

The spine is gone trust me. Nope, my fail, they took his wings.

Ryan, ehm, Parrish will find his way guys, even if you have guns. Lol he is there too, that’s easier then.

Kira got a shot to her eye, ew again.

M. Stilinski? Closer to his name, finally, something interesting.

Theo playing a hero, nice one man.

I don’t ship it. Let the ship sank.

Kira is leaving? Good for her.

So what we saw?

Parrish is still working free for cemetery aka nemeton. Scott is a failure, same as others. Kira left with fireworks. Dread Doctors are still alive and probably working for the Desert Wolf? And she wants Malia dead, for sure.

Did you like this episode? I didn’t. I still think this season is a fail. Two episodes left.

You are original, stay original.


Claire xx

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