Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 9 Review

I had to do a pause between another review because, let me be honest, this season sucks. I will probably continue to review this summer season and won’t come back when the winter/spring season hits again. I hope you understand, it’s a waste of time. Without further ado, let’s watch this shizz.

Previously on Teen Wolf

Hello, Mr. Inhaler!

Well Scott school has always been a very pessimistic place, just saying.

Omg! He has the ew bite! That’s going to be a really gross scar.

He was telling this whole soppy story to Theo, how funny is that? Does he really want to be in the pack or just get Scott’s position?

Ou yeah I completely forgot, rest in peace Jeep. Poor baby.

Liam is right, Scott seems weak but helping Hayden won’t make a miracle.

The shot of Stiles being Donovan was great.

The new kid seems cool, what’s his name again?

Stiles, it’s time to spill the truth.

Stiles should tell it not you idiot Theo. Playing your game huh? But this is not Game of Thrones.

No, I just started to like this kid. Mercury flow everywhere. I wonder what they used instead of it.

His name is Cory by the way.

That’s not the right story you idiot. Get out.

Normally this school would be closed. Dying students? That’s some nice review.

He can be invisible? Sign me up for this.

Cory noooooooooo.

Now tell me how could you miss that? Huge cemetery.

Almost crying Theo, oh god leave biatch.

And Stilinski is even nice to him.

Don’t ship it, don’t show it to my face.

Told ya, free job at a cemetery for Parrish asap.

I guess Jeep didn’t die, yet.

Of course they will include rain is a sad shot.

What we discovered?

Theo is a biatch. Scott doesn’t know what to do, he just knows he won’t give a bite. Liam is pissed. Stiles is alone. Parrish is still doing hi job. Malia had enough.

Did you like this episode? I liked it more than few ones before but it’s still not as good as it used to be.

You are original, stay original.


Claire xx


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