Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 10 Review

Last time many people were heartbroken because Scott argued with Stiles. Stiles killed someone and Scott disagreed, they shouldn’t kill anyone. But Stiles is just human right?

Also, Scott won’t give the bite to Hayden, what will Liam do about this?

Previously on Teen Wolf…

What do you mean no? He should have said the line Stiles used in season 1 (I guess?). Spanish nah.

Jeep is dying, again.

Wrench action! Mad Stiles.

Did he just break his own Jeep window? Oh my.

You hurt papa Stilinski, I hurt you tin men.

Stop talking about love, trash.

How he can trust Theo, Scott is so blind.

Jeep is done.

Lydia, you are too young for Parrish (in the show), back off.

He is the Hellhound? A dog? I thought he would be cooler, like human torch or something.

Is this a slapping season?

Theo is not showing everything, just saying.

Do it again or use door. Theo is not perfect, true. Or maybe he is, too perfect.

Mason (right?) should hurry.

Braeden? No. I want Derek, bye girl.

Bye Hayden.

Poor Sciles. I hope Stilinski is fine, same for Scott.

Stupid Liam.

Uff he is okay.

Dead army? Old.

What we saw?

Too many. That’s how good episode looks. Stilinski family is hurt. Hayden died (as all chimeras) and was brought back to doing Theo’s army. Scott almost died. Maria is in danger. Liam is a stupid kid.

See you in January Teen Wolf.

You are original, stay original.


Claire xx

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