Magnet To Nature

I love hearing the water swim in it’s basin. I love feeling the wind in the woods. I love the fresh air in mountains. I love nature.

But these past two weeks have been naturally insane. One night I stepped on a slung in our living room. Yes, you heard correctly, in our living room.

Then I found one really cute caterpillar and kept her, she is pupating now. I found other one day after, she died, unfortunately.

Yesterday, I stepped on a slug again, on the same place in our living room. Like what the heck? Where did you come from? How did you appear in our living room? Can you fly or something? Are you a human being who reborn as a slug? Did you live in this house? Who are you?

It’s crazy, out windows are closed because the heatwave is here again (go away) and there in no way the slug could came in. Maybe they were just small eggs on some flower and my mum brought them here on it. She is more scared than me, trust me. She can kill a spider for me but will die if she has to touch a snake.

Today something crazy happened again. What is the chance you will step on a slug in your living room barefoot? 1 to 1 000 000? Less? More? Then I won the lottery twice.

But what is the chance you step on a caterpillar in your bedroom? 1 to trillion? I would be rich as hell because it happened to me. Today. Hopefully, I didn’t crush her, yes some water appeared but I managed to put away my foot right after I felt something smooth like silk. A really beautiful, green caterpillar appeared. I saved her and now I keep her with my other one which will be a butterfly soon.

Yes, I know what kind of caterpillars I have. The older one is a caterpillar of a very beautiful butterfly called the Peacock butterfly or European butterfly or Aglais io (no please) or Inachis io. I hope it turns out as magical as it looks.

The newest, second one is a kind of Swallowtail butterfly or Papilio machaon.

I am very excited to see them change into butterflies. I will try to manage to take as many photos as I can, even maybe a video of the gorgeous transformation.

Do you have any more natural experience?

You are original, stay original.


Claire xx


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