University Diary I.

Run. Run. Run.

Things need to get done.

Prepare. Prepare. Prepare.

It seems like a nightmare.

That basically sums up my time before university starts. I need so many cards (for buses, school, library,…), money is flying all around the house because things need to be paid, time is short and schedule is still undone.

I had to wake up at 7 something am for my schedule. After few minutes I realized that something is wrong. Net was wrong, it didn’t work! So I was panicking and running from my notebook to my pc because it was the first time for me to do my own schedule and I could’t do it! I didn’t know what to do. We called our service but we know they always take ages to solve something so the only solution to this huge problem was paying for net on my phone. It was slow but it worked out. Well, unfortunately, that’s not everything.

It worked and I could make my own schedule but most hours were full and I couldn’t join in! Apparently, it was taken over the night so I had no chance. Then the run started, I still had only the freaking slow internet so I tried to search for e-mails of my new teachers and ask then if they will add more students to their lessons. It was horrible. Phone is too small to do this shizz and I was helpless.

After two long hours the service man called me and solved the problem out (it was their problem by the way). I wrote 5 e-mails to teachers at my university and now I am just waiting for responses. Two out of five came and were kind of good so pray for the rest guys.

One lesson to reach left, card for public transport in my pocket and I am ready to go. See you Monday 21st aka my first day at university!


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