You know the feeling when you find your best friend you were looking for a long time but you can’t talk to them?

That’s how I felt few minutes ago.

Warning: This post contains very emotional topic in a very stupid/awkward/funny situation and maybe mistakes.

I played very famous (and simple) game called (check it out, very catchy). I was playing as my usual nick starting with an L and someone wanted to be in a team with me.

I don’t go for teams very often because A. they eat you when you are splitting B. it a trap C. they are useless but I took the risk today and it was awesome.

We were really lucky and clever, we made it to #1 and well, it was amazing game full of great strategy and my screaming across my room because I was very excited.

The best part about this game was that when we died, we found each other again and played together again. That’s not what happens very often (people mostly stop playing or join different team). After few deaths my dear new friend found new mates also and we were one big happy family.

The worst part was/is that you don’t write there, you can’t communicate there, there is no chat, nothing.

Whoever you are, Pasadena, thank you for a great game/time. It was very emotional to let go, haha (seriously, it was, I almost sobbed).

And also thank you stalin (should I even write this here? damn, best people have the worst nicknames and it one is very used) and Sverige *-*. I hope you had fun like I did.

I hope we will meet again.

PS: Sorry that it’s not you up there Pasadena, but I was too happy to think about a screencap.

Have you guys ever felt so happy to find a mate on the net?

You are original, stay original.




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