Where The Sleepless Go

One Night Only, the band from Yorkshire I had a crush on when their very famous single Just for Tonight (that’s so 2007 by the way) hit radios all around the world, just released their new album called Where The Sleepless Go.

I admit I was little bit skeptical about it because it took ages to finally release. I thought it would never happen and they will say they end with music. Through the time when they were silent one former member left, Mark Hayton (guitar, vocals) so the band looks like this now: George Craig (vocals, guitar), Daniel Parkin (bass), Jack Sails (keyboards, vocals), James Craig (drums) and a new member Jonny Howe (guitar).

Started a Fire was great, One Night Only was even better so what about their third album, Where The Sleepless Go?

Not bad but not good like the previous ones.

It contains 10 songs which sound little different from their old ones but not as much as I expected. The non-difference is not my problem, somehow my ears don’t like it as much as I loved Started a Fire and One Night Only.

Anyway, I still managed to find one song which I like, it’s called Talk You Down and you can listen it here on Spotify like the whole album. Let your ears relax with some indie vibes and tell me what do you think about this new album Where The Sleepless Go by One Night Only.

You are original, stay original.


Claire xx

2 thoughts on “Where The Sleepless Go

  1. I agree, I think the sound of each song on the album is so similar. What I liked about Started A Fire was the undeniable ‘indie’ sound and the use of George’s unique voice in the vibrant and varied style of tracks on album 1. Similarly, on album two, although their sound had changed and developed, there was still a signature One Night Only element of each track. The new electronic element to a few songs updated their sound and it matched their original sound quite well.

    But on Where The Sleepless Go, it seems they have changed their sound yet again, but nearly all of the songs sound the same. Altering George’s voice and using extra reverb makes it seem too manufactured rather than written, if that makes sense.

    The wait in release is also a disappointing factor. Many fans were gripped and excited for its release the year before, and the delay in release lost a lot of their attention and the hype. There also didn’t seem to be much publicity at all, which did not help them much!

    I agree with you; in comparison to their other albums, it doesn’t contain as much of a uniqueness or easy of listening as the others did. Hopefully something from them in the future will include a change in pace or including their original, purer sound.



    1. Wow, I thought no one will ever reply to this review so thank you for it.
      I wish it had more sounds like Started A Fire had, also George’s voice is so blunt it it. Such a pity.
      I saw they have a new club now so I doubt they will go back to music one day. However, never lose hope πŸ™‚


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