University Diary II.

Search, find, try, talk.

No time for monologue.

Listen, write, nod, go.

That’s what’s uni for.

First week at university was interesting. Using bus as a transport everyday is something unusual for me, because I always walked to school (viva ecology) and now I need to get up earlier and push my butt to go into the freezing morning to wait for a bus which can be 5 minutes late or early, so sometimes the waiting is more.

Worse is that I feel sick in buses which go far, luckily for me it’s only 20km. My very first class was pilates (yes, I joined some activity) and I actually made friends. That should be written in the Guiness World Records. We have only 5 minutes breaks between classes so I guess I will either learn how to fly or run fast (which I can’t so,…). Also one day aka the Devil Thursday I have 4 double classes (so 8 hours) with just 5 minutes breaks, that’s pretty challenging to be honest, mainly for my stomach.

Second week went quickly because Monday was holiday (yay). I finally remember where the classes are, just one of them is really hard to reach, its pretty hidden. I remember peoples faces but not their names so I always hope someone will mention it before I actually need it, haha.

The worst subject for now? Probably microeconomics but others are not great as well, they want seminary essays or other presentations so hello to no free weekends. I get it, it’s usual for universities but maan everyone told me that uni students life is better than the one at high school, crap, no luck for me I guess.

I also have a flu. Thanks to freezing mornings and warm evenings (waking up at 6 and arriving at 6, sad face). I don’t mind having sore throat or something like that but stuffed nose is the worst! Help.

See you soon pilates.

More info will come, wish me luck with all the projects.

PS: Yes, I try poems… is it bad?

PPS: I met a guy who looked exactly like Dylan O’Brien’s (Stiles in Teen Wolf) and Joe Dempsie’s (Gendry in Game of Thrones) child.

You are original, stay original.


Claire xx


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