University Diary III.

No pen. No brain. No time. That’s fine.

No food. No train. No bus. The uni is messing with us.

These two lines of poetry summed up my third week at uni pretty well. Actually, not just mine, because I had a pen whole week, my friend didn’t.

Brain was left sleeping in my bed every morning, time was passing by like a snail passing the road and it was completely okay for me.

What was worse is that my belly was making noises whole week. I am still not used to the schedule. We have only 5 minutes breaks and at grammar school we had from 5 to 20, it depended on classes. So basically, I have no time for peeing/pooping/eating. It’s a rollercoaster.

The worst day is probably still Thursday even after I finally managed to remember the classes, I also joined new one (drumroll please), the Chinese class! I bet you are like what now?! But let me tell you, it’s awesome. The teacher (aka student from Taiwan who is also studying at my uni) is funny and super cute. Unfortunately, he is here only for this winter semester so I hope I’ll pick up as much as I can. I know how to count to 10 after first class, plus some technique. It’s an awesome language and I will definitely post about it more.

Thursday was really interesting for me this week, I got into Chinese class and also got on a wrong bus. Well, not wrong but long. It went to my town BUT only to train station and passed like 10 villages, I thought I will die. No more, please brain, remember the right time for you right bus, thank you.

Now my tasks are to buy two books, one for English (and is hard to get), happily, I ordered it online and now it’s in the book store, so tomorrow I will get it. Also, I need to scan book for Chinese class which you can’t even buy in my country, nice one teacher!

Tomorrow I will meet up with my friend (who didn’t have a pen) to eat some yummy food and cuddle with cats (yes, we have that kind of a restaurant here too), then I will go to a lecture about cheap traveling from my country, because we have really expensive plane tickets, it’s ridiculous (but I want to travel so maybe they will give us some? haha) and then I will go home, curse why I did that and didn’t write the seminary essay instead and sleep.

Maybe I will write the seminary essay tomorrow, maybe (I have to!).

You are original, stay original.


Claire xx


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