University Diary IV.

Time flies really quickly,

I don’t know where to start.

I sometimes act very madly,

Sorry not sorry #suckitup.

Another week, another hectic schedule, another homework. My assignment was to make a presentation for English this week, about the Wars of the Roses. I made it but my body was so scared like never before, wow. Anyway, I visited (again) Cats & Coffee and basically had the best time ever at school lol, I just love cats and food.

Every time I go on public transport I meet someone who is a look a like of Nicholas Hoult. It’s soo creepy. On the other hand, we made a nice squad at uni, people are more mature (sometimes) so people are not that dumb as in elementary or grammar school. Damn yeah finally, I was bullied in elementary so I was kinda happy to leave it but grammar school wasn’t that better, people didn’t bully but they weren’t friendly and the part where we divided our class to the popular and geeks was still there. Yikes.

So I survived my English presentation, I am not hungry anymore, buses are going almost on time and I picked up the Chinese! It’s the best thing I could do, even though it’s pretty hard to learn every character for every word and the tones but it’s simple in other things soo yay for more languages!

We also planned (with my new friend) a W&T. It’s a chance for us to go to the US, work there and travel there. We chose Alaska as out first choice because why the hell no, I don’t mind colder places but I love cooler places and the nature there is A+. Have you even been to Alaska? How was it? I am so excited though, I hope it will come true. It’s a plan for holiday in 2017.

I also search for new hairstyle which is quick and holds my hair in place (I do the regular braid now, it’s boring now) so if you have any ideas let me know down bellow.

And I also want to change my style, I wear cozy and easy clothes so I feel comfortable but I also want to look chick ya know? Lol. Any recommendations?

This weekend made me emotionally unstable. 5SOS have new album which surprisingly isn’t that good as I expected, there are songs which I love and don’t like soo, it 50/50. Will write about it later.

The main thing of this weekend was supposed to be my seminary essay for one of my subjects but it turned out into downloading session of Life is Strange aka the most awesome game of 2015 so far. If you haven’t played it yet, go for it, it’s awesome and full of cliffhangers.

See you again soon, probably with a review on SGFG.

PS: Time change (on our less in EU) doesn’t bother me, more time for sleep yay!

You are original, stay original.


Claire xx


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