University Diary V.

Leaving me there, alone

Letting me be, not home

Why are you doing this to me, dear bus

You killed my day, a thanks from us

It doesn’t even rhyme does it? Anyway, it’s true. My week started weirdly. My compulsory lesson was abolished so I had just PE  (pilates for me) and one lecture. So I basically didn’t have to go, but I wanted to for my PE (I really enjoy pilates, now my butt hurts). So I was casually standing on bus station… bus nowhere to be seen for 5 minutes, which is normal. On the other hand, something was weird, the smell. I got in, wanted to buy a ticket and the driver told me that this bus is going nowhere because the gas is going inside (something with engine was wrong) and it WAS inside, I could see the end of the bus, it was blue.

So the bus was taken away and the driver called new one, which could have taken ages to come. So I had two options, go on a train (which was quite far away and I would have to buy a ticket to get there) or use a bus which goes around villages with very beautiful scenery but it takes ages. Which one did I choose? The one with the scenery, right.

Instead of 20/30 minutes on a bus it took 1 hour and I was for PE at time. Totally at time. 11:00. Crazy. I almost peed myself. I went there just for PE and I could have miss it. Lol. So I almost went there for nothing, I would just turn around there and go back home. Nice.

I made it and now my butt hurts. It was perfect.

People on the other hand are crazy here. Of course you can meet some grumpy cats out there (hi, that’s me) but otherwise they are very friendly. So, try to smile as much as you can. You never know when you make someone’s day and you maybe receive a smile too. That’s a pretty good deal huh? What is sad is when you meet a cute boy and from a friend you get to know that he is taken, ouch.

I am not sure if anyone here plays/watches Life Is Strange, it’s a very cool game and one day I’ll review it but for LIS fans: We have Mr. Jefferson at out uni. Please call 112 (911 for US helpers haha). I need to take a photo of him, it was the first time today (Friday) when I saw him so, hopefully, I will see him again.

I had a heart attack thanks to him.

The end of my first semester is coming and my brain is not ready for the tests and oral exams. Wow. This is going to be harsh. My very first test at uni is going to be from my Chinese language next week. Wish me luck.

What about your week? Did anything interesting happen?

You are original, stay original.


Claire xx


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