University Diary VI.

Seeing yellow changing into blue.

Blue passing away and leaving us dream,

what will bring black,

what we will see.

Week started nicely with pilates. Stretched my bones and muscles (except brain) and was ready to go and fight at uni. Met a cool guy at a bus station on Tuesday, I saw him a few times already. Unfortunately for me (and you because you won’t hear about him again) he is taken, taken classmate of my ex-classmate, lol. Sad story.

Still thinking about W&T even when my friend told me she is not sure, I am sure but worried about my oral exams, will I pass them? Will I pass them on time? I don’t know and I don’t know if it’s worth the risk.

On Thursday I wrote my first test at uni. It was from Chinese language and it wasn’t easy as I thought, lol. I could write the characters in Chinese but not in Pinyin. Sad story number two. We will see, need 60% to pass.

Then Friday came and all the sad news started to appear on TV, radio, internet. I won’t go deep into that topic because it’s very tricky topic. The only thing I want to say is: Blame everybody. Blame human beings. We made this happen. We let it through and now we can’t even fight it. Don’t let it stop us. Live and enjoy your lives.

The weekend was chill for me, I have two days of because of the International Students’ Day on November 17 (search that day, it’s very important part of our history). Enjoy your following week. You are original, stay original.


Claire xx


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