University Diary VII.

WordPress changed, wow

I am scared now.

Please don’t be too new

or I won’t make it through.

Last week was average so thats why I didn’t write anything. Basically, I just made one of my seminary essays. One to go and I need to send it this week. Pray for me.

Seminary essay – done, needs teachers approvement. Two tests done too (I had no time to study for the second one but I passed it yay!), need one oral test tomorrow with presentation and other test coming tomorrow too.

It was time of stress and christmas feeling. Unfortunately, my dad is in hospital and we are waiting for him to be let home. Christmas cookies are done (almost) and all I need to do now is Chinese homework.

University is appearing as a free time school, it’s true but then you arrive at home and you have loads of shizz to do. So it’s not that free.

Two weeks ago we had to write an English poem, mine was the best (yahoo) so I will post it next time.

Also today I wanted to go on Pilates (just for that going by bus) but the bus didn’t arrive on time and it was freezing cold outside so I didn’t wait more than 15 minutes. I hate this.

Did anything new happen in your life?

PS: It’s exactly one moth till my birthday. Wow. Times flies.

You are original, stay original.


Claire xx


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