University Diary VIII.

FiNaLs fInAlS FiNaLs fInAlS FiNaLs fInAlS FiNaLs fInAlS FiNaLs fInAlS

sLaNiF SlAnIf sLaNiF SlAnIf sLaNiF SlAnIf sLaNiF SlAnIf sLaNiF SlAnIf

Being old as it is I wish you very merry late Christmas and Happy New Year 2016!

Which means to me: FINALS.

Oh dear god.

Let me take a deep breath before I start… I start… I start asdfgjilhafiaozdnaskdqhaie cmaoeuxoroaiay,riawfhemifurhcmux. What? That’s what my brain did.

So I did my Chinese exam yesterday, which should be okay. Tomorrow and on the 11th, 12th are the next ones. Wish me luck, hold your fists for me.

Today my new favourite thing arrived: rose gold necklace of view on London. Beautiful, will post about it as soon as I pass all the exams and will be okay (aka will eat again and have energy, when the stress comes my stomach stops working, sometimes, and now it’s the time).

I am still looking for Polaroid camera, unfortunately, when some comes, people don’t know if it works and I won’t buy anything from the USA (aka across the sea and really expensive delivery) if I am not 100% sure i it works and it’s almost new (I don’t want a crappy one) so bare with me, the time when this blog will be full of my polaroids is near but not here yet.

I also made a new obsession besides the two things I already mentioned. The new obsession is Mr. Howell (aka yep the London Youtuber). I had Youtubers crushes for a few years now (Joey, Joe,… etc.) then because of uni I stopped watching it and now it hit me hard again.

Funny story is that he dropped out of uni and where am I? What I am not sure about? What I don’t think is the best for me? Yes, uni.

I think I think too deep. I have other reviews of albums prepared but the time is money and my money needs to be invested into uni now. Again, bare with me.

I wish you a very lucky, healthy and adventurous 2016.

PS: If you want me to post anything about my studying menthods, how to relax or anything related to studying for finals let me know.

You are original, stay original.


Claire xx

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