University Diary IX.

So far. So good.

I’ve passed 2/3 exams. The other one is shizz because the teacher marks it as he wants. Anyway, I became older again! Is anyone here also January child? If so, well hello there! The last exams will be on Friday so wish me luck.

For my birthday my parents decided to buy me a ring, unfortunately, in our small town they have no nice gold rings (and they are hella expensive, like why? gold is cheap these days). So I went through a few shops in my uni town and they told me I should come back next week, that new will arrive and they will be fabulous. I hope so.

My hairdresser appointment is on Friday too. The Friday will be insane! Next week I also have appointment at the doctors which means thats the day I will go for the ring.

On the other hand, uni made me more lazy. I procrastinate a lot more. Anyway, I am glad almost all the classes are over. I start at the beginning of February so more free time for my game time! Yay! I don’t watch my shows at all. I am changing, I am a mess.

Don’t forget…

You are original, stay original.


Claire x

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