University Diary XI.

Being young is taking risks, losing mind and feeling sick.

Your heart is there and mind there, no one knows what is fair.

Today’s poem is my school poem for an English seminar, not bad, huh?

Anyway, I survived. I played lots of games. I dreamed. Unfortunately, I didn’t travel.

My schedule could have been better but it’s not the worst one and I have to manage anyway so… not a problem at all.

Last week I saw Deadpool. It’s was awesome but not great. It’s propagation was an A+ so I was hoping for a little more but it wasn’t bad at all. Go watch it, help it get more money and hopefully, the second movie will be even better and maybe great.

What has also happened? I don’t know to be honest. I lost track of time, I didn’t even know it’s already almost over February yesterday until I realised I have some work to do.

Oh, work, I did start my practice at information centre. It was cool but still, I wish I could just pack few of my things and go,… anywhere basically.

I still miss my guinea pig, always when I go to my bedroom I search for him. Oh dear god. At least I still have my cat buddy Mickey.

What else, what else? I still haven’t found polaroid camera which I want. I still didn’t buy clothes which I need. But I read like 4 books during my 1 and something week free time.

So, there goes my question: What did you do?

Don’t forget,

You are original. Stay original.


Claire xx


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