University Diary XII.

I know what I want.

I know what I need.

Give it to me,

so I can go and live the dream.

Yes, as the poem above says, I know what I want. I knew it before but now I finally realised I need to make it come true asap.

I want to travel.

It’s easier for me to say because I don’t have a partner (alone forever) so the only attachment is school (and parents of course). I don’t know what will I do after school in the way of reaching some money rate which will help me travel for a long time.

I will also need a better camera than I have now (old Canon, which is cool but can’t make night shots at all). Better clothes which last, better everything. I need to improve.

I also need to realise how will I make money abroad? Teaching? House keeping? Who knows. It is in the future.

Right now I have a chance to go on Erasmus (studying abroad). I am not sure about it, it can help me improve myself but it will eat loads of money and I probably won’t be able to work there as it is mainly about studying and maintaining good grades or you will lose the money EU gives you.

Well, well.

Any advice?

Also, what is your future dream? Do you know what you want?

PS: School is okay right now, nothing much to do except dealing with problematic students who don’t know what responsibility is (and you are in a team with them, pray for my mental health).

You are original, stay original.


Claire xx



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