University Diary XIII.

Feels, feels, feels,

what the heck are these?

Being confused by your feels is normal but let me tell you, it’s a mess. Nothing much was happening so that’s why I didn’t update you. I just wrote one seminary essay, need to do one presentation and study for the worst (of course best, lol nope) subject: Accountancy, blah.

On the other hand I’ve planned a trip with my two classmates soo, I am going to Roma, Italy in June! YAY! Finally. Travelling. Jeez. Thank God. Well, you can see my feels are real today. Hehe.

So, did anyone visit Roma before? Do you have any recommendations? Tips? Other places close to it which I should visit? Something? Please let me know down below!

PS: I might shoot some videos and I might make a video out of it so what you recommend could appear in it.

PPS: Oh! I completely forgot… on April Fools day I didn’t prank anyone but my mum was a fool (I felt really sorry for her). Firstly, we woke up late (and yes, that was my mum’s fault – she forgot I have to go to uni and didn’t wake me up) and I had only 20 minutes to get ready and catch my bus. Secondly, I came home hungry and she prepared my loved fish with potatoes but the potatoes tasted like a ball of salt. Ew. Well, thanks mum for that day.

Don’t forget…

You are original, stay original.


Claire xx




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