University Diary XV.

No matter what I do,

sometimes things go wrong.

No matter what I do,

they won’t last long.

Todays poem is really lame. I know. Sorry not sorry.

What I am sorry for is the lack of posts last/this month. I was, well, still am busy. I scheduled 7 exams, 5 down, two more to go. The worst ones. So please wish me luck.

The trip to Italy still exists and it’s confirmed. I am so excited but I try not to think about it too much because I need to pass the exams before I go. Or it will make my holidays a hell.

I also tried to sign up for summer school in Malaysia (Malaysia!! wow, yes, wow) but unfortunately, I didn’t get through. Of course someone from higher year won it. I don’t have enough credits and a great average of grades as I am in the first year and everything is about luck.

At least I tried, right?

On the other hand I am obsessed with Uncharted 4. I don’ have PS4 because it was always a luxurious thing to buy for my parents so I watch it on YT. Joe Sugg does it well, even though he struggles with the easy things, poor Suggy. He uploaded a few of his episodes later on so I moved to Pewds but I really want to see the ending from Joe’s point of view. I just enjoy his way of playing it.

On Monday is my 1st out of 2 exams, it’s the Nightmare aka Accountancy. Then on Thursday I have Macroeconomics. The luck is needed. I need a huge pot of luck. Now.

PS: I have passed my Chinese exam and it was really hard. I will miss my teacher Amy though. Hopefully, I will see her one day in Taiwan.

How is your May? Ending with exams? Preparing for mental breakdown? Going on holiday? Studying? Good luck to you either way!

You are original, stay original.


Claire xx

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