University Diary XVI.

Accountancy is a shizz,

Macroeconomics is a shizzle.

So, I have passed Accountancy! The biggest evil!

And I didn’t pass Macroeconomics.

Now, I don’t want to sound controversial but I officially can’t stand women professors. No offense to anyone maybe you were more lucky and you didn’t meet any biatch but hey, the hormones, the bitch faces. I can’t.

Basically, they (yes they, both of there economical subjects were taught by women teachers – one partially by a men and he was creepy too but these two, oh no).

I didn’t mind they teaching strategies but the way they test you. Oh no. They find the smallest and yet important thing they know you won’t remember and throw it in your test just like that.

That is a bitchy acting. Don’t correct me, I am not wrong.

Anyway, planning ItAlY is in it’s highest yet (and will be even higher). I am so excited but everything costs so much. I did find great budget ways but it’s still a pressure on my bank account which I use now a lot more than before. Wow.

Funny thing is my 2nd attempt on Macro should be on the 17th but at that time I am away so it is postponed to 24th which is the day after my arrival. Wow. Nice.

And yes, I talked to the professor. She has holiday next week, then the entrance exams are on and then she’s leaving again! So great! Who cares it’s our exam month right? Just have fun on your vacation!

Damn it.

PS: Yes, I am pissed. Less than when I left her office but still angry.

PPS: I know the thing above is not a poem. It’s a shizzlette.

You are original, stay original.


Claire xx


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