University Diary XVII.

Pressure on me,

it’s there.

Stop right now,

go away.

Let me be free,

let me go.

I want to fly,

you won’t let me to.

So, yep, still have Macroeconomics on my back. The teacher won’t add a new date so I will have to take it with my classmate the day after I arrive from Italy.


I am finally going away. And with my friends as a bonus. I don’t mind traveling alone to be honest but this is going to be exciting.

If you have any tips for us on what to (not) do in Rome let me know. I am interesting in learning more about Italy.

Be prepared for a bunch of photos.

On the other hand, I FINALLY bought a Polaroid! Yes! It’s on a way to me. It should arrive while I am away so that’s one thing why I should be excited about when thinking about going home, lol.

I am leaving in 2 days. I am soo happy. Being free means so much to me and exploring new places means even more. I love traveling and being able to finance it is awesome but we are on a budged of course.

So excited. So pumped.

But Macroeconomics is looking over my shoulder. Not even a day after my arrival, just a few hours. Tragical. Wish me luck.

Italy tips anyone?

You are original, stay original.


Claire xx


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