University Diary XVIII.

Guess who’s back back back,

back again.

Exams back back back,

hello… not friend.

But I passed. YUS.

And one day before my Macroeconomics I arrived from Italy. It was fabulous. I will post pics later.

I crossed one thing from my bucket list: Visit Pompeii. It was magical. Unfortunately, they are (again, or always?) searching for more artifacts so some streets are closed and it was really hard to find some places with lots of going back and forward. Ouch. My feet still hurt.

I’ve bought one wonderful painting of Pompeii and Vesuvius there, so beautiful.

Anyway, Macro is behind me and holiday in front of me but that wouldn’t be me if something didn’t happen. I pulled my back again and it is worse than before. I am glad I didn’t do it in Italy but ouch! I tried to pick up my cat and then… I need to go to the doctor for sure.

What else?

My Polaroid came! And it’s perfect! It included one old film from 2002 so all the photos have the old, gold frame. Only one turned out so you could see what I took (will post it later too). I need to buy new ones, just the prices are so high right now that I need to be more patient (even thought I want to take pictures asap).

So, Italy, Macro, pulled back and Polaroid.

What happened to you in the last week?

PS: I can walk, I just can’t get up quickly.

PPS: Why did WordPress change again? It scared the hell out of me!

You are original, stay original.


Claire xx


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