Holiday? Yaaas.

Traveling the world,

enjoying not being old.

Felling free like never before,

being free just a little more.

Next time.

It’s the time of the week when I go through my holiday stats.

Well this is not a thing (YET) but here I go (24th July):

39 days of holiday=

16 days away from home | 11 days of work (I beated it with being away, yaaas!)

12 days at home \ 8 weekend days, 4 work days (and one used for retaking my Macro exam)

Seeing this feels pretty cool. I wanted to be away more than I wanted and it happened. Dreams do come true.

Now let my big dream come true.

I started reading again. I forgot how much I love it thanks to being busy with school shizz and reading stuff for school shizz. Right now I am reading a fantasy book from 2008 called The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness. It was really confusing at the beginning but now I read it so fast that I am glad I bought the other two books of this series before so I don’t need to wait for the continuation.

I also picked up Teen Wolf again. I am not sure if you heard it but it will end by season 6 so I want to catch up to that shizz aka very boring, awkward and very weird season 5. God bless seasons 1-3.

Are you reading something or watching something or listening to something or just doing something and you want to share it with me (us)? Talk bellow!

Don’t forget,

You are original, stay original.


Claire xx

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