Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Don’t even get me started.

I read this thing as fast as I could. I read it yesterday evening till midnight and today during work. During work okay, I am glad they didn’t fire me bros.

Anyway, let’s go to review this apparent eighth book of the Harry Potter series.

Warning: Will contain spoilers.

I wouldn’t call it the next book of the Harry Potter series because it doesn’t fit in it.

When I started reading it I was very sceptical at first but then all the boom came and I became excited fast. Unfortunately, the excitement didn’t last long.

The book itself had a huge potential. The fanbase is loyal and the HP stories are just breaking and we love it. This one is like a fanfiction. Bad written and wrong.

The first part looked promising, it even felt like being back with Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Draco and their kids but never, EVER, bring Time-Twister into this like that.

I knew it is a play and not a fiction anymore, I wasn’t scared of that because I don’t mind plays. I knew it will lose all the detailed scenes, which Rowling writes very nicely. It was all about the characters and the only savor was Scorpius.

Sc: Albus! Oh hello, Rose, what do you smell of?

R: What do I smell of?

Sc: No, I meant it as a nice thing, you smell like a mixture of fresh flowers and fresh – bread.

R: Albus, I’m here, okay? If you need me.

Sc: I mean, nice break, good bread, bread… what’s wrong with bread?

The real plot was easy to find through the first pages and if you are really deep and demanding reader you will know what happen right after Harry discovers a Time-Twister while his son is being reckless.

Time changes many times and the time changing (oh stop using this radix now) twists are horrible.

Albus in Gryffindor, Ron marrying Padma and having Panju but secretly loving Hermione who is a teacher like twice and once fighting against the dark with Snape and…


Sp: I’m dead, presumably. You were a little too surprised to see me. how?

Sc: Bravely.

Sp: Who?

Sc: Voldemort.

Sp: How very irritating.

You should never bring him back. My heart hurts for Snape and for Alan. Rest in peace lads.

Continuing before breaking down…

Neville dead, Scorpius the Scorpoin King inside his Kingdom of bitchy Slytherins, Voldemort alive – ruling everyone, Dolores a principal of Hogwards and Harry dead. What? No.


Wait… Harry dead… and little Albus too.

Okay, stop it, now.

Wait again, not just Voldemort ruling but also having a kid.


Unfortunately, in real life apparently. Not just in the time-twisted dimension. Welcome Delphi aka the silver haired crazy creature that shouldn’t have been created.

Like what the heck, Voldy did some humping with Belatrix? When? How? He was fully human then? She wasn’t just a fangirl because of power but because of deeper (wink) power? Oh god no. This is going bad.

And it went bad.

She wanted to meet him because she loved him etc. etc. Don’t love smash me in this wrong father daughter relationship. Ew.

The question is: Why was this play wrote… like this, for who?

For Voldemort and Valor.

Psst money

Rating? Two binoculars. Once I had to use them for really finding the jokes and then again for zooming on that time-twisting mess.

PS: Funny is that I won this book two months after I read it. Wow. Didn’t change my opinion anyway but the cover is pretty.

You are original, stay original.


Deeply thouched by this mess, HP fan xx

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