University Diary XVIV.

Guess who’s back, back, back, back again…

I wish it was Slim Shady.

Yes, I started… well, continued since my childhood with Eminem and the obsession is real.

I was never into rap that much but now, it took over me, okay? I can’t help it.


Uni time is back. Again. I had to choose my schedule. Again. The difference was that it was at 5am not in the morning/afternoon time. What a nice start, wasn’t it?

No more news about Chinese language, I wish it continued but no-one told us anything. This is in connection with my latest adrenalin move: I applied for Taiwan uni. Haha. For the summer semester. Haha. Wish me and my wallet loads of luck. Appreciated.

Finally, I had the chance to join Russian class. I had Russian language in high school/secondary/grammar school and I really like it so yahoo for that!

What else?

I finished my practical experience at my local information centre. Now it’s the time to go to my very irresponsible teacher ever and tell her that I did send her their contract etc. Boring stuff.

What else no. 2?

I’ve purchased and started my bullet journal. Just for fun. I needed those dot lines in my life, okay?

If you want to see something from my bullet journal, please write me down bellow and I will think about it.

Have a nice rest of the days weirdos.

PS: Yes, I saw the Stranger Things.

PPS: Yes, I liked it.

PPPS: Now I am watching This is Us.

PPPPS: First impression: Okay?!

PPPPP(omg stop it seriously)S: Apparently, this is our 50th post. Wow. Congrats.

Don’t forget,

you are original. Stay original.


Claire xx


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