Polaroid Showcase #1

Sharing some moments of my life through these photos.

My first shot ever was on an expired film and it is a view on my garden (I know it looks more like Batman than a garden but what don’t judge me).

Second one took me soo many minutes. You can’t just order a butterfly to stay still and yes, it was alive. What a babe. And yep, I completely forgot that the camera has some exposure settings. Yay.

No, I don’t have a permanent tattoo.

The third one is a view on my school town (I can’t say it’s a city because it doesn’t have that many inhabitants okay). The weirdly looking building aka the cheese is our science library aka The Emmental, haha.

I took a close up of that one because it looks really cool and it’s built out of concrete. Very simply looking.

If you have and tips and tricks to share with me for my Polaroid journey, hit me up in the comments. It will be very appreciated 🙂

You are original, stay original.


Claire xx


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