Concert Disclaimer – Read before attending

After joining a concert of a band which became more popular right now thanks to a song in a new movie (which became extra famous in the teen world), I thought it’s gonna be okay even though I was worried because I liked them before.

Unfortunately, nope. Teens brought alcohol, iPhones (aka any time of shining light/recording shizz) and even school bags with them to annoy other people.

That’s not what’s a concert for! Leave it at home! Drink alcohol outside! Don’t shove your phones in front of other peoples faces! And for God sake leave your full school bags alone  especially if you want to jump.

I might sound like an old grumpy woman and maybe I am one but still. I have a point. Stop this and enjoy music!

PS: I won’t even mention sexualising them live and crying/collapsing when they leave. Oh dear universe.

The band had an awesome show just these people tried to ruin it for others.

You are original, stay original.


Claire xx


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