Fourth Polaroid Showcase

~ Happy New Year 2017 ~

So, I cut my hair. It’s off. The freedom started, haha.

I went to Prague for that and took this shot. It’s a very beautiful Church of St. Ludmila. Again, expired film sucks or makes miracles sometimes. I will call this one a miracle. It looks like it was taken a very long time ago.

Church of St. Ludmila, Prague

Christmas passed very quickly, I told my parents I don’t want anything and it was the best feeling ever even though they gave me some small things, I made them happier for the first time than I was during opening gifts. Such a good feeling.

As for the New Year, I see many articles about which bad things happened this year and how 2017 should be a way better. Let me tell you something, every year brings both of those. Bad and good. Just because some famous people died, it doesn’t mean it is the worst year ever. Other people died too and there are always broken hearts behind it so what I want to point out is to cherish time with you loved ones. Be kind and try to be positive. I know it’s hard especially when other people aren’t.

Start 2017 with something special.

Be you.

You are original, stay original.


Claire x

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