University Diary XXIII.

Snow is here, snow is there.

Snow is fr*aking everywhere.

How a teacher showed a butchers knife up my anus by Me

That’s how my next book should be called. Won’t go into details in this one.

Snow is really literally everywhere. Definitely up to 20 cm. So beautiful, so cold, so wet.

All the finals are going smoothly (haha, jk). One left. The hardest one, I believe. Do you remember when I wrote about a teacher who pulled me through one exam three times? He is connected to the teacher who showed a butchers knife up to my anus. Yep. Colleagues.

Taiwan planning is being postponed again. I need to pass all the shizz and then fully concentrate on it. I am so excited.

Who cares I have a dumpling in my throat right? I can barely talk and eat. No idea how it happened but from a stuffy nose to a sore throat by Me is going to be my another book. Ha, ha, ha.

Oh and apparently, I am going to be (not yet, during lunch haha) 21 today so can I join Twenty One Pilots now? LOL.

Happy birthday to me by Me. Next book.

Ha, ha, ha. I know. Bad jokes. So me. Sorry not sorry.

Enjoy your day.

You are original, stay original.


Claire xx

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