University Diary XXIV.

Moving in, moving out,

no one knows what is it about,

let me go, let me sleep,

or I will haunt you in your sleep.

My Taiwanese experience started roughly.

I felt dizzy for a like a week after I arrived. I have no idea why since I spent my jet lag in Hong Kong and to Taiwan it is just an hour long flight. Weird.

But I managed to pick myself up and that’s how my amazing journey here became reality and I won’t stop enjoying it, even I may die cause of high temperatures, haha.

When I arrived, I had a room in the second floor, unfortunately, ‘the main dorm lady’ made a mistake and when I was finally settled down I had to move to the third floor, which was my original one. Worst night spent ever. I survived so that’s what matters, just my nerves were really tensed. (aka that’s what’s the poem above about)

Yesterday it has been a month since I arrived and what did I accomplish so far?

In the school part, I managed to make my schedule short but interesting. I have subjects from Tuesday to Thursday including Chinese language, soft ball and yachting training and some psychological/managerial subjects.

On the other hand travelling didn’t suffer from my school obligations. Slowly exploring my university city – Kaohsiung, moving northern to Tainan and Sun Moon Lake and planning even more fills me with excitement.

Which also reminds me of a little holidays coming up at the turn of March/April. Yaas!

Do I miss my home?

Yes, of course but I am so busy here that it covers my homesickness, which is awesome. I also miss my local food, a lot. For example sweet things here are not really sweet at all so I called my parents yesterday for some package help haha.

Anyway, I know you would like to see some photos so here you go:

PS: Sorry for such a late article timing but time flies so quickly here when you are having fun 🙂

And don’t forget,

You are original, stay original.


Claire xx

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