University Diary XXV.

What have you become?

Where did you go?

Do you feel the same?

Do you feel alone?

Finally, FINALLY, I managed to reserve some time to write this post.

Taiwan has been a blessing to my soul in many ways. The sun gives me a lot of vitamin D lately, basically grilling me now (each day it’s almost 30C, help), the air is still polluted but I got used to it (what else could I do), sea is bitter and salty as hell – still swimming in it and travelling of course is on my list, just money isn’t, haha.

What have I become?

I am the same person with more experience and love for Asia. I want to come back even I haven’t left yet but time flies so fast – I am here already for 2 months. Crazy.

I might got some tan (oohh lala) and mosquito bites but who cares. I enjoy it here and I will miss it. The food, the people, the vibe. All of it. Writing this is making me tear up a little.

Where did I go?

Kaohsiung, Taitung, Taichung, Tainan, Hualien, Taipei and many places around. So far, so good but not all I wanted yet. Planned places: Kenting, Alishan and some island, which belongs to Taiwan.

I loved them all and I wish I could go back to all of them. Unfortunately, my budget is getting smaller and travelling here is not as cheap as everyone was telling me haha.

Do I feel the same?

No. At the beginning, I didn’t like it here. I was depressed, I missed Hong Kong (still miss it, tbh) and I thought I won’t be able to function here and here I am now, satisfied (even it’s getting too hot for me) and happy because this place is not just black and white.

I want to come back (as I stated before) so I am trying to find my way back now. Who knows where it will make me go?

Do I feel alone?

Ehmm. I am an independent person. If I want to be alone, I am. I am no extrovert and never will be so being alone doesn’t bother me. Sometimes I like it even more than being with people and here it’s hard to do so because everyone is SO nice. Another point why I will miss Taiwan – people.

Of course I miss my family but being at home 24/7 won’t show/teach me anything and I love travelling so lonely times come and go but it won’t get me on my back.

I experienced soo much, from natural exhibition – waterfalls, rocks, mountains, beaches, sunsets and sunrises to cultural experiences – kpop concert (which I will never forget and will definitely try to go to another one – if it won’t cost an arm and a leg haha), kind people and festivals and I already miss all of it.

Pictures can not capture the feeling but they can capture moments so here are some moments I will cherish forever:

PS: Yeah, being little bit nostalgic since some people are announcing their leaving date and then there’s me like: only 2+ months left. Ouch. I want to stay.

Don’t forget,

you are original, stay original.


Claire xx

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