University Diary XXVII.

Dreaming makes me alive,

dreaming keeps me alive,

I am alive,

when I dream.

But it’s just dreaming that flows in my mind,

real life should flow in my mind.

Save my mind.

I had this in my drafts for a long time. 2017 is gone, I left Taiwan, explored Japan, went to the UK for another exchange and now it’s the second half of 2018.

A month ago I came back from Taiwan again. I went to a summer school near Tainan (original capital city). You must be thinking: What about your graduation? I postponed it. I am going abroad once again – South Korea.

I didn’t write about my British experience for a reason – I needed my time to think about my future. It was more calm than my Taiwanese exchange and I focused more on my studies and my mind. I visited York, London, Liverpool,… I had fun overall. I lived in a private place so it was even more calmer for me than the dorm life in Taiwan.

I must say… I love Asia. It took my heart and made it its. That’s also why I felt little bit… normal? in the UK. It felt like I was at my home, you know. Nothing extra special. Still liked it.

Let’s see what the end of 2018 brings and 2019 – South Korea, here I come!

You are original, stay original.


Claire xx

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