How I Ended Up In Asia

It hurt.


Still can’t believe I can make fun of it.

As you may know (thanks to my previous posts *wink* promo *wink) I chose (yes, I wrote this word with a purpose) to study in Taiwan for one semester.

This trip includes Hong Kong for a few days (transferring or enjoying?) and Japan after my studies in Taiwan.

A few hours ago I would write how my eyes started to fill with water when the journey started. Now the only thing that comes up to my mind is a serial killer called jet lag.

I arrived in Hong Kong at 6:27AM. If anyone is interesting in the flight info, here you go. Immigration process, picking my luggage, buying Octopus (a public transport card – btw. why they use sea creatures’ names as card names? like Oyster in London, you like that sea food, huh?) and leaving the airport by bus was all I could do with my left energy. Trust me, a bar with 1% was blinking and screaming in my head till I reached my accommodation, took a shower and fell asleep. I know I shouldn’t have done that but I couldn’t resist more hours without sleep.

After taking a few hour long nap I decided to explore my neighbourhood. Happily, there are some parks near my stay so I went there. It was nice to relax, see some nature, seniors working out and a guard in every park. Yep, a guarded park. I think it’s a good to on how to protect it.

There were also signs of danger because of snakes! Mum, you would run away. I didn’t, haha. It was funny to see in capitals: DO NOT TRY TO CATCH/FOLLOW. They knew I would.

Anyway, today as I continue to write this post, I am taking my butt to some sights finally. Jet lag has calmed and I am now a functional human being. I am so excited.

Oh and some photos of course, for you, you filthy animal.

Never forget,

You are original, stay original.


Claire xx

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