Hong Kong dreaming

Hong Kong, Hong Kong, the city of lights,

Hong Kong, Hong Kong, where everyone smiles,

Hong Kong, Hong Kong, where I would like to be,

Hong Kong, Hong Kong, where everyone cares about me.

I guess you guessed that I really miss that place. I am in Taiwan right now, still figuring things out and killing myself each time I sit on a scooter (will talk about that later because it’s a big new story for me).

When I first arrived in HK I didn’t like it at all and wanted to fly back home. Two days ago I loved it. It was a huge culture shock but my body figured that it is a normal, beautiful and exciting place and accepted the fact I was there.

If I knew I would find so many new friends I would stay there longer but everyone I know who went there told me that even a week is too much for this city. Wrong.

Well, wrong if you socialise and if you like nature & hiking.

I saw so many places, so many people and if you combine these together it creates a very beautiful experience. That’s maybe why I almost sobbed on a plane, almost!

If you are a passionate traveller as me, go there for sure. It has everything from every culture but at the same time it creates something own and unique.

Now, before I start to sob again, let’s enjoy the photos from my trip to Hong Kong.

PS: See you in Taiwan.

PPS: I miss their food too, egg tarts, barbecue pork and chicken, nom. Bring it to me!


You are original, stay original.


Claire x

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